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The French language became one of our official languages in Nigeria since 1996. It is also the official language of some of our neighbouring countries like; Cameroun, Tchad, Benin Repulbic an Niger.

The need for co-operation and interaction between Nigeria and her dear Francophone neighbours has necessitated the study of French Language. This will facilitate constructive engagement in international relations with these countries to enhance peace, unity and progress in the region.


Since no nation of the world is self-sufficient, it then becomes imperative that nations should involve in some commercial activties in order to satisfy their basic needs. To be able to achieve this, natioanls of the different countries have to interact with one another but not without a language. Our understanding of the French language will render commercial activities between Nigeria and her neighbours and other French speaking countries of the World like France, Canada and the rest very easy.

Also Nigeria is a member of the commonwealth of Nations, the ECOWAS, the UN, the WAEC, The CAF, FIFA and so on. These organization /institutions compromise Francophone countries which makes it obligatory for Nigeria to study the French language. We all know that the adopted child is obligated to speak the Language of her Mother to be able to communicate better.

This is because that is the instrument required to better manage and to achieve the aims and objectives of these organizations. Failure to do so will jeopardize the aims and objectives of those organisations.



There are so many benefits one could derive from studying French, some of them are as as follows: - Academic Benefit.

                France is among the developed nations of the World in terns of technological and scientific advancement as well as educational development.

                Therefore, there will be no barrier to anyone who understands the French Language in terms of learning, because it will be very easy for such a person to go to France to acquire the best form of education, even on scholarship. France is reputable in the following fields of studies:- Aeronautic Engineering, Diplomatic Studies, Art, Education, Architecture, Law, Telecommunication and so on. The language of French is one of the easiest language that anyone could learn as about fifty percent of the English Vocabulary comes from the French language e.g, “tele a tete”, “restaurant”, “boulevard”, “Coup d’ etat “, “Laissez-Faire”, “rendez-vous”, comme sii comme ca”, ”Adieu” and so on. It should be equally noted that study of foreign languages such as French enhances one’s understanding of one’s Mother’s tongue,and makes one unique.


                French learners have need to communicate in French to be at ease and to avoid fright among the native speakers. Learning the language permits the learners to carry out efficient interactions with the native speakers.


Our understanding of French Language willfaclitate ins and mutual coridal relationship between Nigerians and their Francophone brethren in West Africa and beyond. It wil also create an opportunity of brotherhood among individuals.  With good communication in French, natioanls from Francophone countries can inter-marry. Making new friends will be very very easy thereby contributing towards global pace and unity.


The understanding of the French Language will facilitate commercial and economic activities between us, Nigerians and people of French speaking countries of the World.

                The problem of unemployment that is currently ravaging our nation will be reduced to some extent, if our young graduates could understand French Language because it will give them the opportunity to travel to any of the Francophone countries to work after their studies.

                Therefore, when next you see your French teacher. In the class, welcome him/her very well and pay attention to what he/she is teaching you because if you do, automatically you are a diplomat. It is also worthy to note, that the study of French Language is not a waste of time, never! But rather it is laying a solid foundation for a better and glorious tomorrow. No knowledge is a waste “Vive la langue Francaise”  Nous sommes less Veritables dipolmats.


Monsiour Nwosu Ifeanyi.

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