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Education as a process of change is not only a means of personal advancement but it’s also a valued asset of fundamental importance to the society. The aim of education among others include the total development of an individual in physical, mental, social and emotional domains.

            Against this background, we offer guidance and counselling services to help our students in;

  • Understanding of interpersonal relationship with others in the school, home and community.
  • Self-understanding and self analysis
  • Understanding of one’s behaviour, attitudes, abilities, aptitudes, interests, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Knowing and learning subjects necessary for one’s educational and occupational pursuits.
  • Assisting students to effect smooth transition from primary to secondary school, students on transfer, and from secondary to higher education through orientation programmes. During these programmes they are taught the ethos of the school; moral behaviour, study techniques, skills, decorum and the use of timetable.
  • Developing decision making and problem solving skills.
  • The right type of occupation suitable for one’s personality with relevant information about the job.

Our counselling services are purposeful and designed to facilitate students to develop self-awareness, self-analysis, self-satisfaction and self-development through individual and group counselling. We offer solutions to students who are faced with the problems of how to improve their academic performances, interests and aspirations, issues of anxiety during exam, lack of concentration in the classroom, poor study habits, low-esteem, shyness, moral decadence, poor relationships, timidity and many more through educational and personal –social counselling.

            We also offer vocational guidance to students in selection of courses that suit their abilities, provide alternatives and discussion on a future careers, guide them in subjects combination, and as well guide them in the choice of universities suitable for their courses. We organise career day for the senior students where professionals from different field of specialty lecture them on the entry requirements into the respective careers; benefits and remunerations, job hazards/challenges and many more effective and accurate decisions which students must take.

            Accurate and reliable record keeping of the students data, termly results in their folders is of paramount importance to us. This facilitates the processing of transcript for alumni; who come for their transcripts or students who are going on transfer.

            We organize biennial seminar for our students and inculcate the right type of values in them, inculcate into the elected prefects leadership qualities which will make them better and useful citizens in the society. All these are aimed at developing the students intellectually, morally, physically, and socially to achieve academic excellence.

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