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In Marist Comprehensive Academy (MCA), Uturu, Isiukwuato L.G.A, Abia State, as a Catholic Institution and Christian community, we engage ourselves in liturgical celebration.  It is done so that the members of MCA community may understand that through liturgical celebration, the faithful live and bear witness to the mystery of Christ in the world.

LITURGY:  Liturgy is a public work/service in the name of the people.  In the liturgy Jesus Christ goes on to wrought “the work of our redemption in, with and through the church. It is the celebration of divine worship and sacraments.

LITURGICAL CELEBRATION:  Liturgical celebration is a divine worship which involves the whole mystical body of Christ.  In it full public worship is performed by the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ, that is, by the head and his members.  It consists in the public use of worship of God Almighty, in a form laid down by the church, in the name and on behalf of the whole Christian people and accomplished in presided over by an accredited minister who is special deputed by the church to carry out the worship which she as a society renders to God.

MCA CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY: Liturgical celebration involving singing of the divine offices, the Eucharistic sacrifice and the administration of the sacraments takes place in MCA. The chaplains and the religious brothers and sisters sing the Divine Office, and some individuals do the same too. There is always the celebration of the sacrament of confirmation every three years.  The last one took place in 2016. There is constantly the celebration of first Holy Communion every year.  This takes place in order to accommodate and make the new students to participate fully in the Eucharistic sacrifice. The liturgical celebration of the sacrament of baptism also takes place from time to time in the chaplaincy. The liturgical celebration of the sacrament of reconciliation goes on every month, and when certain individuals are in urgent need of it. The sacrament of matrimony is also celebrated in the chaplaincy. We have daily Eucharistic celebration, except when it is alternated between the two arms of the chaplaincy. There is Benediction on some Sundays and Saturday mornings unless when the students will be going on vacations.

CONCLUSION:  It is deemed wise to have liturgical celebration performed in order to make the members of the MCA Christian community benefit from the fruits of the economy of salvation.  Here, it will be pertinent to note that popular devotions, which take place in this MCA Christian community, are not mentioned because they are different from liturgical celebration.  But they have their due place so that the believers in this MCA community will be holistically catered for in their spiritual welfare and wellbeing.

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