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This is one of the spiritual exercises both students and members of staff benefit from.  This exercise or spiritual activity is carried out a week after the resumption day. The management has seen the necessity and positive end – results of student’s termly recollection, and finally included the members of staff to partake from it.  They do theirs every second week after resumption day too.  And they have started to enjoy this provision.

RECOLLECTION AND ITS IMPORTANCE: It helps to call the attention of the beneficiaries’ students and members of staff back to the existing lines of actions – do(s) and don’t(s) expected of them.  When the preachers of the recollection are done, a period of silence will be observed.  This will usher in an atmosphere of introspection which will enable individuals to have spiritual reorganization, read- readjustment and finally resolution will be taken too.

Obviously, if such spiritual exercise were not invoked the extent at which the students, even some of the members of staff will lose sight of the existing school norms will be very outrageous indeed.  Hence, the importance of this exercise cannot be over emphasized, as it assists to sieve individuals thought for better.

PRAYER: It is a medium through which one communicates to and with our God.  Through, it God, who plans, guides and enables activities to operate will be officially and fully invited to take a lead.  Once God takes preeminence, the end-results will definitely be favorable.  This is why recollection and prayer are closely inseparable.

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